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Bactroban ointment refers to a relatively new antibiotics broad-spectrum action for external using…

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Benadryl is intended for the treatment of smooth muscles pain and tension in allergic reactions…

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Benicar is in the group of drugs called angiotensin receptor antagonists II…

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Bentyl is anticholinergic drug, which blocking the muscarinic receptors. …

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Betapace is a non-selective blocker of 1- and beta2-adrenergic receptors…

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Betnovate is used for elimination of the inflammatory symptoms of dry and hyperkeratoses dermatosis…

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Biaxin is an antibiotic of the macrolide group, a semisynthetic derivative of erythromycin…

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Big X Plus capsules is an effective drug that will help you in solving with erectile dysfunction problems…

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Brahmi is a rejuvenating Ayurvedic medicine…

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Bromazepam is an anxiolytic, sedative drug…

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BuSpar hasn't anticonvulsive and myorelaxing effects, does not cause addiction…

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What causes a pimple in the nose?…

Pimples in the nose can cause pain and discomfort. They can often result from an ingrown hair and usually go away without treatment. However, a pimple in the nose can sometimes be the sign of a more serious condition, such as…

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