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Theophylline is a drug, which provides bronchodilating effect, purine derivative.

Indications for the drug using:
bronchoobstructive syndrome of different etiology: bronchial asthma (the drug of choice in physical stress asthma, and as an additional remedy in the other forms of bronchial asthma), (chronic obstructive bronchitis, emphysema); pulmonary hypertension, heart lung, hydrops of renal genesis (in a combination therapy), and sleep apnea. We offer to buy Theophylline online without a prescription here.

There are some contraindications.

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Theophylline is used in the therapy of bronchial asthma, lung emphysema, chronic obstructive bronchitis (COPD). The remedy can be used to prevent apnoea in newborn patients. The drug is heterocyclic alkaloid, purine derivative. Derivative drugs are contained in Chinese Camellia, cocoa, Paraguayan mate. The remedy is fully absorbed through two hours after admission and excreted by the kidneys. Theophylline can penetrate into the breast milk.

The drug blocks some receptors. It also increases the accumulation cAMP in the tissues.

The medicine dilates blood vessels of the lungs, platelets aggregating, normalizes micro-circulation and reduces clot formation. The drug helps to increase oxygen delivery to myocardium due to expansion of the coronary arteries. You can purchase the cheapest Theophylline online.

Contraindications: hemorrhagic stroke, acute myocardial infarction, bleeding in the retina eyes, expressed coronary arteries arteriosclerosis, pregnancy, breast-feeding, and the presence of the bleeding in the recent history.

The side effects of the drug using may be scotoma, hypotonia, cramps, nasal congestion, and many other symptoms. The beginning of the drug taking must be agreed with your doctor. The doctor needs to be informed about new emerging adverse events.

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