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Prozac is an antidepressant, a selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor. The main active substance is fluoxetine. Similar drugs are Fluval, Proflusak, Fluoxetine. Indications to the drug application are depressions different etiology, bulimia nervosa, obsessive-compulsive disorder, premenstrual dystrophic disorders. Contraindications for the drug using are glaucoma, atony bladder, severe violations of the kidneys, prostate benign hyperplasia, the simultaneous appointment inhibitors monoamine oxidase, spastic syndrome of different genesis, epilepsy, pregnancy, lactation, and increased sensitivity to fluoxetine. You can buy the cheapest Prozac online without a prescription in our pharmacy.

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Prozac (fluoxetine, solax, fontex — published under different brands) is not just known, but, you can say, a legendary antidepressant. At the end of the 80-s America had every reason to call itself the "Prozac nation": this antidepressant took every twentieth American citizen.

What was the popularity of this drug, and what explains the drop in demand for it?

First of all, accustomed practice of the drug struggle with depression is not settling down in some countries yet. Reaction to the proposal of the doctor "take Prozac tablets" is often expressed by the phrase "I am not a psychopath!" Nevertheless, its effect may seem miraculous as the longstanding practice of generic Prozac and kindred drugs. You can simply buy Prozac without prescription or any agonizing work on yourself, expensive communication with a psychologist and dubious salvation in alcoholic fog return to normal life. American employees, for whom the depression is usual, almost "working" status, with all offices together escape from it with cheap Prozac help.

The matter is that the action of Prozac 20 mg and similar drugs based on restoring the normal balance of serotonin in the body — it is the lack of this substance is the major cause of depressive states (including so-called premenstrual syndrome). But when the Americans began to swallow the medicine as ascorbic pills on any occasion (forgetting that the recommended dosage is 80 mg per day), we were faced with side effects, that cause in an unbearable itch, uncontrolled behavior and other deviations, which became the cause of several tragic cases. Subsequently, it was found that the drug compensates lack of serotonin, inhibits the production by the body other mentally active substance, called dopamine.

However, just recently you could easily order Prozac without a prescription at a pharmacy, and its vendors still assure that the side effects of the drug, about which it is known today, or not connected with its application, either their probability statistically insignificant. Justly in some companies in 2004 offered to give discount Prozac to all employees to increase the efficiency of labor.

Today in most countries the price for generic Prozac 20 mg is about 45$ - due to its fast and powerful effect (instantly gone all the signs of depression). Today many of our compatriots prefer to order the medicine online and forget about a gloomy frame of mind.

A question like "where to buy Prozac" is irrelevant (with spreading of the Internet) - the drug online is available almost in any country. Today there are many companies all over the world, that ready to deliver the drug in any geographic point.

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