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Pain Balm is an analgesic remedy, which is based on the herbal combination used in Ayurveda, currently popular in many countries - in the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, France and other countries all around the world. The balm has anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect. Its vapors contain natural disinfectants - substances, which eliminate nasal congestion and have a beneficial impact on the nervous system. You can buy Pain Balm online in our pharmacy.
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Pain Balm is an effective drug for treating headaches and body aches. The remedy quickly relieves headache, rheumatic, arthrotic pain, the pain caused by the ligaments and muscles stretching. The drug should be applied for external use only! Pain Balm includes Gaultheria fragrantissima, corn mint, Pinus roxburghii (Pinus longifolia). Gaultheria fragrantissima contains methylsalicilate, which is an effective analgesic remedy and helps in the treatment of muscular and rheumatic pain. Menthol acts as a local anesthetic and anti-irritating means. Purchase Pain Balm online and apply it on the affected area with gentle massage movements 2-3 times a day.

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