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Muscle & Joint Rub is a cream which is based on herbal components, has expressed analgesic effect. The therapeutic action of the cream in general is determined by a combination of the medicinal properties of its constituent components: Vacha has decongestant effect; Castor reduces joints pain, red pepper heats the ligaments and muscles, thus protecting them from sprains; mint has anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect. Buy Muscle & Joint Rub online in our pharmacy!
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Indications to the Muscle & Joint Rub application are pain as a result of variety lesions of joints and vertebral column. The drug is used in soft massage of damaged areas. In addition a warm compress provides the best results. Our online pharmacy offers Muscle & Joint Rub and other natural Ayurvedic balms and creams which effectively help to treat a lot of diseases: when you suffer from headaches, colds, rheumatism, ligaments stretching and other kind of pain. So, you can order Muscle & Joint Rub online without any prescriptions.

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