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Melatonin is a synthetic analogue of the pineal body hormone (epiphysis). The drug has adaptogenic, sedative and soporific effect.

Melatonin normalizes circadian rhythms, and also increases the concentration of GABA and serotonin in the midbrain and the hypothalamus.

The drug regulates the sleep-wakefulness cycles, daily changes in locomotor activity and the body temperature; positively affects the brain intellectually-mnestic functions, the emotional-personal sphere, promote the organization of biological rhythm and normalization of sleep at the night. Melatonin improves the quality of sleep, reduces the incidence of headaches, dizziness, and improves mood. The drug accelerates the process of falling asleep, reduces the frequency of night awakenings, improves mood after the morning awakening, and does not cause the feeling of lethargy, weakness and fatigue in a revival. The medicine makes dreams more vivid and emotionally intense. We offer Melatonin for sale no prescription at discount price.

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