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Gentamicin is a drug, which has a wide spectrum antimicrobial action, inhibiting the growth of the majority of gram-negative and gram-positive microorganisms. Purchase the cheapest Gentamicin 80 mg/2 ml online without a prescription in our pharmacy.
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The drug is applied in case of:

  • urinary tract infections: pyelonephritis (inflammation of the kidney and renal pelvis tissues), anesthetic (inflammation of the bladder), urethritis (inflammation of the urethra);
  • inflammation of the respiratory tract: pneumonia, pleurisy (inflammation of lungs membranes), empyema (the accumulation of pus in the lungs), lung abscess;
  • surgical infections: a surgical sepsis (blood poisoning by microbes from hotbed purulent inflammation), peritonitis (inflammation of peritoneum);
  • infections of the skin: furunculosis (multiple purulent inflammation of the skin), dermatitis (skin inflammation), trophic ulcers (slow healing skin defects), burns, caused by pathogens that are resistant to other antibiotics of a wide spectrum action.

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