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Emla is a cream which is designed for local anaesthesia of the skin and mucous membranes. The drug is allowed to be used for people of all ages. The structure of this cream contains two anaesthetic: Prilocaine and Lignocaine. The cream is widely used in cosmetology. This makes it easy to transfer the painful procedure of hair removal, peeling, permanent make-up and many others. You can purchase the cheapest Emla online without a prescription in our pharmacy.
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Also Emla is used for injection, biopsy and surface surgical interventions. The cream is applied under occlusal bandage, which is included in the package. The action of the drug begins through 5 -10 minutes after application. The remnants of the cream after the removal of the bandage should be wiped with ethanol carefully. It is not recommended to apply the drug for open wounds and mucous membranes. You should be extremely attentive, applying the cream on the skin around the eyes. Entering the cream on the cornea of the eye may cause irritation. Emla cream widely distributed and sold in the UK. The drug is not advisable to be used without a physician’s supervision. So, you can buy Emla online no Rx in our drug store.

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