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Cefotaxime is a semi-synthetic antibiotic of III generation cephalosporin group for parenteral administration, which is used in the form of sodium salt; the solutions have a color from pale yellow to light amber. We offer to buy the cheapest Cefotaxime online no prescription with worldwide delivery. The drug has a high tropism to penicillin-binding proteins of microbes’ membranes, blocks Peptidoglycan polymerase, violates peptidoglycan biosynthesis of microorganisms cell wall. About 60% of the administered dose is excreted in the 6 hours after the start of infusions. The drug has a wide range of antimicrobial action, resistant to 4 (out of 5) gram-negative bacteria beta-lactamases and staphylococci penicillinase.
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Cefotaxime using:
severe bacterial infections caused by susceptible microorganisms: infection of the respiratory tract and ENT-organs (except for enterococci), the skin and soft tissues, including infected wounds and burns), bones and joints, the urinary tract, the small pelvis organs, obstetric-gynecologic (chlamydia, gonorrhea, including caused by microorganisms that produce penicillinase), bacteremia, septicemia, peritonitis, intra-abdominale infections, bacterial meningitis (except for listeric meningitis), endocarditis, Lyme disease, the typhus fever, infection at the background of immunodeficiency; prevention of infection after surgical operations. Cefotaxime for sale no Rx is available in our online drug store.

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