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Cafergot is intended to treat migraine attacks and headaches. The part of this drug is such a substance, as ergotamine, which normalizes the tone of the extended arteries. And caffeine helps to quickly increase the absorption of ergotamine in the intestines. After taking Cafergot is absorbed almost instantly with the help of additional "assistants", which were listed previously. By the way, you can purchase cheap Cafergot online no Rx in our online drug store.
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The drug is used only when the attacks of severe migraines. When the attack begins, you should take the drug immediately, otherwise the effect will not be so pronounced. The maximum dose of the drug is 6 tablets per day, no more than 10 tablets per week.

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Unfortunately, as many medications, Cafergot has some side effects such as nausea, vomiting, allergies, high blood pressure. If drug has been using long enough, you may have weakness and pain in the limbs, even tremor. Heart problems also are not excluded. In case of overdose you should wash out your stomach immediately and before the doctor's arrival give the patient the activated coal.

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