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Bromazepam dosage

Bromazepam is an anxiolytic, sedative drug. The medicine reduces tension and anxiety, and in large doses it has sedative and central myorelaxing action, decreases emotional tension, anxiety, fear, reduces the neurotic symptoms. Contraindication to Bromazepam receiving are: hypersensitivity, the cerebral and spinal ataxia, suicidal tendencies, angle-closure glaucoma; hypercapnia; severe respiratory distress, sleep apnea syndrome; hepatic failure, myasthenia gravis; drug or alcohol dependence, pregnancy, lactation. You can purchase Bromazepam tablets online no prescription in our pharmacy.

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Bromazepam is an anxiolytic or tranquilizer. The drug has a sedative, soporific, anticonvulsive, and central muscle relaxing effects. Bromazepam reduces emotional stress, anxiety, and fear. The drug shorter the period of falling asleep, increases the duration of sleep, reduces the number of night awakenings. Bromazepam is used in neuroses and psychopathy, insomnia, psychogenic headache, and dermatosis. The drug is prescribed in the functional psychosomatic disorders cardiovascular, respiratory, and urogenital system. The remedy is contraindicated at hypersensitivity, pregnancy (1 term), breastfeeding, children's age up to 18 years old, in case of poisoning with alcohol or psychotropic drugs. The medicine should be taken with care by patients with violation of the liver or kidney function, and epilepsy patients. Side effects may manifest as drowsiness, a sense of fatigue, dizziness, blunting emotions, weakness, anemia, leukopenia, nausea, heartburn, and dysmenorrhoea. Alcohol cannot be consumed during the treatment. We offer to buy Bromazepam online over the counter. But you should remember that the drug is addictive. The cancellation should be done gradually.

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